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A Village plan sets out how the community wants to develop in the future, what it needs and the steps needed to make things happen.

Busway – Provisional Survey Results

March 12th, 2017

Draft Summary of Results:

A little over 600 people started the village survey but not everyone answered every question or fully completed the survey.

Regarding the proportion of Car & Bus users:

  1. 87% used a car as their primary means of transport
  2. 11% mainly used buses, however a further 46% of respondents were occasional bus users

Regarding increasing the take-up of Public Transport:

Question 7 asked ‘What factors would encourage you to use public transport more frequently?’ There were 15 possible response to this question, so rather than swamp readers with too many options or data, we’ve highlighted the top 5 responses and given the aggregate difference between the ‘for’ and ‘against responses.

  1. 73% selected ‘Better late night bus services’
  2. 70% selected ‘Reducing fares’ with the suggested reductions ranging between 10% and 50%
  3. 60% selected ‘A new direct bus to Cambridge Station’
  4. 40% selected ‘A new direct bus to St Neots station’
  5. 34% selected ‘A new bus route through the countryside bypassing the queues in to Cambridge’

Point 7 above was notable because it produced the most polarised response.  63% of respondents that expressed an opinion were in favour of this option but there was also a sizeable minority of 29% against it.

Regarding the route for a new Busway:

  1. there was a 24% margin in favour of ‘A busway running alongside the north side of the A428’
  2. there was an 18% margin in favour of ‘A busway running along the A428’
  3. there was an 8% margin against ‘A busway running along St Neots Road’
  4. there was an 34% margin against ‘A busway running to the south of Hardwick near the Portway’

Regarding the location for a new Park & Ride site:

  1. there was a 14% margin in favour of ‘A park & Ride at Madingley Roundabout’
  2. there was a 2% margin in favour of ‘A park & Ride at Scotland Farm’

Individual free text comments at the end of the survey ranged from:

  1. ‘NO BUSWAY’

through to:

  1. ‘St Neots Road is perfectly suitable for a bus route and it is from Madingley Mulch to town where a separate route is needed.’


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