Hardwick Village Plan

A Village plan sets out how the community wants to develop in the future, what it needs and the steps needed to make things happen.

This website will be updated as the planning process progresses. Please check back often to keep up to date.


October 13th, 2015

Approximately sixty people attended the Village Plan meeting held in the School Hall. There was a good cross-section of the village present, apart from there being few young people in the audience.

There were talks from Steve Rose, representing the Parish Council, Gemma Barron from South Cambridgeshire District Council and Ian Bavin, the Chair of the Cambourne Parish Planning Group. Ian explained that Cambourne had embarked upon their plan development at the beginning of 2015 and are currently finalising their survey, which they hope to publish by the end of the year. Ian’s talk concluded with an interesting Q&A session that covered a variety of topics.

There was also an interactive session where residents enjoyed some refreshments and viewed displays of Hardwick past and present and two Case Studies relating to plans developed by other villages in South Cambs. Attendees also recorded on flip charts their opinions about:

  • Hardwick Positives
  • Hardwick Issues
  • Hardwick Opportunities
  • Suggestions for Hardwick Plan Topics

There was a real buzz of energy and conversation throughout the room as people talked about their ideas and opinions. By the end of the session, six pages of opinions had been collected. These will give the Working Group a good start towards identifying the matters that are of particular concern to Hardwick Residents.

Thanks again to all those that attended and the volunteers that helped in the preparations and made the event such a success.

How Can you Help?

A growing group of volunteers are working together to kick-off the process but its ultimate success depends on you.

We want to consult as widely as possible across all areas of the village and for everyone, particularly including young people in the village, to contribute. The Plan can only be as good as the ideas and community energy that is put into it. So,

  • If you have any ideas on what Hardwick should look like in the future, what facilities it needs in the short, medium or long term, let us know.
  • If you are passionate about some aspect of village life – transport, the environment, sports and social activities or just want to give something back to the community, please get involved.
  • If you have skills or talents that can help us develop the plan or communicate and consult with the village, please volunteer some of your time.


Hardwick Village Plan Volunteers


If you want to volunteer, please email

If you have ideas on what Hardwick should look like in the future, what facilities it needs in the short, medium or long term, please email

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