Additional Information

November 18th, 2016

This page provides additional background information that you may find interesting or may help you answer some of the questions posed in the Village Survey. We anticipate adding to this page as further questions are raised during the survey period.

There are currently three housing developments proposed for Hardwick.

  1. Grace Crescent
  2. St Neots Road
  3. East of Cambridge Road

Grace Crescent

The developers have submitted a planning application for this development. Full details of their application can be seen by visiting the South Cambridgeshire District Council planning website: Grace Crescent Application.

A quick overview of the development proposal can be gained from the published masterplan.

St Neots Road

At the time of writing, the developers haven’t submitted a formal planning application but they have published some information about their proposal which is accessible on the Parish Council website:  St Neots Road Proposal

East of Cambridge Road

This proposal is at an early stage, however, the landowners (Chivers Farms) and the developer (Hill) have shared some information about their proposal which is accessible on the Parish Council website: Chivers/Hill Proposal

Hardwick PlayParks

There is an active group based in the village that has been investigating the options and raising funds for improving the playgrounds in the village. They have an active presence on Facebook and you can learn more about their activities by visiting this page.