Hardwick Village Plan

A Village plan sets out how the community wants to develop in the future, what it needs and the steps needed to make things happen.

Progress Report

November 8th, 2016

Dear Supporter,

Time for another update on preparations for the rapidly approaching Village Survey.

As I’m sure that you will understand, the Committee’s efforts over the past couple of months have been firmly focused on the survey. We froze the ‘beta’ version of the survey on the 31st October and since then have been holding one-to-one consultations with a variety of stakeholders from across our community.  These have included organisations as diverse as the village school, local businesses, churches and village clubs.

We have had tremendous feedback from the people that we have spoken to and we are confident that their contributions will help make our survey more comprehensive and relevant to the lives of people that live in, work in, study in and regularly visit Hardwick. Since these consultations have each generally taken about an hour, we are grateful to them for investing their valuable time to help make the survey a success.

Whilst I’m in thanking mode, I would also like to thank three of our supporters, Trevor, Claire and Joan that have volunteered to help with the village wide distribution of leaflets promoting the survey.

We finish the stakeholder consultation on the 9th November and then have a couple of days to integrate their feedback in to the final draft of the survey. The HVP steering Committee will be meeting on Friday 11th with the objective of signing off the survey ready for the public launch on the 19th.

There is an open invitation for Hardwick residents to attend this or a future committee meeting, please drop me an email and I’ll arrange for you to receive details of the meeting.

Finally, we now have a dedicated Hardwick Village Plan Facebook group where we publish information that is relevant to the Hardwick Village Plan.  We will continue to publish information on the Hardwick Village Facebook page as well, however, we have seen that due to the generally high level of posting on the village group, our postings rapidly disappear from view. By having a Facebook group that is solely dedicated to Village Plan related information, we hope to be able to keep you better informed about the future of your village.  Why not sign up today?  https://www.facebook.com/groups/hardwickplan/

So, again in summary, how can you help?

  1. Attending a future Committee meeting
  2. Joining our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/hardwickplan/
  3. Encouraging residents to complete the Village Survey.
  4. Helping residents without access to a computer or printer to access and complete the survey online or via a paper copy.
  5. Collating and entering the answers from paper returns onto a computer.
  6. Analysing the survey results and helping to formulate action plans to address the issues identified.


Hardwick Village Plan Volunteers


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