Hardwick Village Plan

A Village plan sets out how the community wants to develop in the future, what it needs and the steps needed to make things happen.

Village Plan Update

October 22nd, 2016

Dear Village Plan Supporter,

It has now been just over a year since we held our Public Meeting and launched our Village Planning activity.
Although we haven’t actively publicised our work over the past six or so months, the Village Plan Committee have been beavering away ‘behind the scenes’, putting in place the systems needed to enable us to produce a village plan.
Whilst we have been doing this, there has been a background debate about the merits of different types of Community planning. Arising out of this debate, the Parish Council have recently decided that Hardwick would also benefit from having a Neighbourhood Plan. A small group of councillors have recently begun investigating what will be needed to deliver such a plan. If you wish to learn more about Neighbourhood Plans, we published a short review on this topic on our website at: http://www.hardwickplan.uk/neighbourhood-planning-debate/

Whilst we fully support the aims of having a Village Plan for Hardwick, the Village Plan Committee has decided to press ahead with its programme of work with the objective of identifying the issues that are important to the residents of Hardwick. We believe that the Village Survey will be a rich source of information and insight to steer the future of Hardwick whether it be through the Village or Neighbourhood Plan.

To this end, the village plan group will shortly be launching a formal village consultation. This will be done in two stages:
1. Starting in early November, we will be consulting with stakeholders in Hardwick about the content of a village survey.
2. Shortly after completing the stakeholder consultation, we will launch the village survey which will be open to everyone that lives, works in, or regularly visits Hardwick.

We now need your assistance to help us progress the Village Plan.

• If you represent a business, village organisation or similar group in Hardwick and wish to be consulted about the questions to be asked in the survey, please contact bettyg@hardwickplan.uk providing your name, the name of the organisation that you represent and your daytime/evening contact details.

• If you are able to provide practical assistance before, during or after the survey, we would like to hear from you. Particular areas where we would appreciate your help are:

a) Consulting with businesses, village organisations and other groups – by arranging to meet stakeholders, explain the village survey and gather their views about the questions that we should be asking residents.
b) Delivering Flyers in the first two weeks in November to households throughout Hardwick
c) Encouraging Residents to complete the Village Survey
d) Helping residents without access to a computer or printer to access and complete the survey online or via a paper copy
e) Collating and entering the answers of paper returns onto a computer
f) Analysing the survey results and formulating action plans to address the issues identified.

If you think that you might be help us with any of the above activities, would like to meet new people and play your part in securing the future of Hardwick, please contact me or any of the Village Plan Committee Members.

Your contribution can start at as little as 1/4 hour delivering flyers to houses in your street, right the way to playing a major role working with our Committee.


Hardwick Village Plan Volunteers


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